Digital Environmental Interfaces at Florida Universities

Post written by Lesley Brooks, Carla Fotherby, and LeEtta Schmidt USF Libraries Digital Collections seek to curate unique and impactful collections that provide researchers and scholars with access to new and historical information on environmental studies and natural history.  The Florida Environmental … Continue Reading

Online Learning Resources for Students

Post written by LeEtta Schmidt, Carla Fotherby, Barbara Lewis, Jane Duncan, and Lesley Brooks Supplementing the instruction received in the class with online resources is not new, and it has become even more important now that most, or all, of a student’s … Continue Reading

Digitization in Museums and Libraries: Confusing the Public and the Public Domain

How could a museum claim copyright over the scan of a tapestry from the 1500s? The question can often encounter a lot of debate, and many museums have added to the confusion by claiming rights when they may not have grounds to do so.

DLF in Tampa

The Digital Library Federation ( is a library member group that works together to advance research and the development of digital library technologies.  Every year DLF has a forum, open to members and non-members alike, where digital library practitioners can gather, share … Continue Reading

IP Issues in Digital Collections & Archives

Digital collections have the exciting ability to shed light upon and provide accessibility to materials that had previously been hidden within locked rooms in the library building.  By digitizing and sharing material online, libraries can facilitate advancements in research that were hindered … Continue Reading

Catalog of Copyright Entries Project

Before 1976, copyright protection was a lot different than it is today.  Material published with a © notice and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office between 1923 and 1963 were only granted 28 years of copyright protection with an optional 28 year … Continue Reading

The Women Writers Project

“I know I have the bodie, but of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and Stomach of a King, and of a King of England, too.” Elizabeth I, The Tilbury speech, 1588 I discovered this delightful quote in … Continue Reading

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

A few decades ago, a chance discovery by a wandering Bedouin brought the Dead Sea Scrolls out of the caves near Khirbet Qumran on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea and eventually to the Shrine of the Book at the Israel … Continue Reading

Hidden Florence

Ah, Firenze!  Located in the Tuscan region of Italy, this ancient city was a center of trade, finance, and culture in medieval times.  Home to the Medici family, whose power and control over the region began in the mid-15th century, Florence is … Continue Reading

What Jane Saw

As more collections are digitized or born-digital and as new tools are developed for collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating scholars’ work, we have a multitude of opportunities to experience scholarship in new ways.  Each month, “Across the Academy” will, in the hopes … Continue Reading