Annual Vote for Public Domain Digitization: Tell us what to digitize for our 2023 celebration of the public domain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Every year in January, a new group of material will have their copyrights expire and become part of the public domain, where creative work is free to use by anyone for any purpose. We have poured over the list of items in our collection that will have their copyright expire in 2023, finding the rarest titles we have that fit into our Digital Collections. We need your help to decide which 23 items we should digitize.

Fair Use Week 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fair Use/Fair Dealing week is an international celebration of exceptions in copyright laws that allow for certain uses of copyrighted material in order to encourage new art and creativity.  Fair use week runs from February 21–25, 2022 and was originally supported by the Association of Research Libraries.

Digitization and Strange Stipulations in Donation Agreements

Reading Time: 3 minutes A donation agreement can smooth the way for future digitization of a collection or hinder future uses of collection material. With all of the variables possible in donation agreements, it shouldn’t be surprising that some donor stipulations on older collections can take an archive or special collections by surprise.

Vote for Your Favorites to be Included in our 2022 Celebration of the Public Domain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Every year in January, the copyright protection of a new group of material will expire and those items will become part of the public domain. In celebration, the USF Libraries select titles from our physical collections to digitize. This year we intend to digitize 22 items.  We have narrowed the possible titles down to 50 and need your help to decide which will be highlighted by our public domain celebration.  Vote for your favorites by July 21st! 

Celebrating the Public Domain in 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2021 marks the third year that USF Libraries participated in a project to digitize works in our collections that have passed into the public domain. What is the public domain? 

Help Us Celebrate the Public Domain in 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute Every year in January, since 2019, a new group of material will have their copyright protection expire and will become part of the public domain. We need your help in deciding what 21 items USF Libraries will digitize to celebrate the public domain in 2021.  Tell us which ones you want scanned! 

Media and Copyright in the Classroom

Reading Time: < 1 minute Incorporating media into online classes should be simple, right? Barbara Lewis and LeEtta Schmidt, USF Libraries’ Digital Learning Librarian and Copyright and Intellectual Property Librarian, made an open presentation to address these questions and help USF faculty move their courses and instructional activities online.

Dion Boucicault: playwright, plagiarist, and pioneer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boucicault was both a prolific playwright and a flagrant plagiarist. He wrote at a time when appropriating plays and literary works across country borders was almost the norm. However, his activities pirating other author’s works, and also protecting his own, contributed to changes in copyright law that would give greater protection to playwrights after Boucicault. USF Libraries has one of the largest publicly accessible collections of Boucicault’s work, despite Boucicaults attempts to prevent piracy of his works by resisting publication.

USF Libraries Celebrate Fair Use Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every day, students, creators, teachers, and consumers benefit from copyrighted material because of the fair use exception in the United States copyright law.  Fair Use Week, February 24 through February 28, celebrates the creative potential and achievements made possible by this powerful exception to copyright law