Checking Out & Renewing Materials

USF Libraries Borrowing Policies

All Books Are Subject to Recall (Early Return)

After 3 weeks, all books are subject to recall for use by another library patron. If a book is recalled, recall due dates supersede the original due date. Recalled books which are returned after the recall due date are subject to additional fines. Learn how to renew materials online, or login now »

Borrowing Policy Quick Reference

PatronNo. Renewable ItemsDue Date (after checkout)No. Media ItemsILLReserve, Holds/Recalls & Remote Access
*Faculty2006 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
Adjunct Faculty2004 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
State University Faculty206 months5 (**see restrictions)NoNo
Undergraduate506 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
Graduate1006 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
State University Undergrad/Grad203 weeks/4 months***In-library use onlyNoNo
Community College Students/Staff/Faculty103 weeks***In-library use onlyNoNo
**Retired staff
504 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
Alumni Association Member103 weeks5 (**see restrictions)NoNo
Special Borrower’s Card103 weeksIn-library use onlyNoNo

* Faculty (includes Retired, Emeritus, and Moffitt Joint appointments)

** Retired staff do not receive ILL or remote access privileges

*** State University Students may check out media items while Community College Students may not

** Restrictions

  • Videos and DVDs: 1 week, No renewal
  • Music Scores: Same as books for USF borrowers. 3 weeks for State University borrowers. YES renewal.
  • All Other Media Items: 3 weeks, YES renewal
  • State University & Community College / Special Borrowers: Media Use IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Certain employees of the USF Tampa campus organization may not receive library services such as Moffitt Researchers & Staff (non-Moffitt Faculty), Aramark, and Sundome Employees. For further information, contact Terry Hutchings, Director of Academic Services, USF Libraries Tampa campus. For USF St. Petersburg campus borrowing questions, email your questions here.
  • For more information about becoming a member of the USF Alumni Association please visit Upon your first visit to the library, please bring your Alumni card or President’s Council card.

Access to databases, articles, e-books, and other online materials

Remote access is restricted to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.
Reference Service
Assistance in finding, accessing, and evaluating information resources is available to all Alumni Association members, community patrons, and visitors. Please visit our Ask A Librarian information page