Pets in the Archives: Cats and Dogs and Alligators… Oh my!

Reading Time: 4 minutes From cats and dogs to lizards and snakes, pets enrich our lives and bring us happiness on a daily basis. Nothing is better than coming home after a long day and being met at the door by an excited pet, ready to give you snuggles. As proud pet moms, the authors of Digital Dialogs would like to celebrate National Pet Day with a look at beloved pets as seen through our USF Libraries’ Digital Collections.

Preserving Media: The Sam Gibbons Collection

Reading Time: 2 minutes USF Libraries – Tampa Special Collections is home to all types of exciting resources from historic documents to rare books, vintage photographs, and digital recordings. Preserving and providing access to these materials requires periodic evaluation of the collections, media types, and their …Continue Reading

USF Curiosities: A Pablo Picasso sculpture 10 stories tall?

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 1971, a small-scale model of a Pablo Picasso sculpture, “Bust of a Woman,” was donated to the University of South Florida. Fifty years later, it received new attention from researchers after it was spotted on a shelf in the Tampa Library in 2018. Afterwards, Special Collections staff dug into the sculpture’s history and the intriguing story behind the model resurfaced… (Continue Reading)

Celebrating Oktoberfest in Archives

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oktoberfest is just around the corner!  What started as a horse race celebrating the marriage of King Louis I, the king of Bavaria, in 1810 grew into a food and beer celebration in 1818.  It is now a world-famous two-week celebration of German beer in Munich, Germany.  Many cities in …Continue Reading