Digital Media Commons

The Digital Media Commons (DMC) is a multimedia production area that provides computing hardware and software, instruction, creative space, and assistance to USF students, faculty, and staff.

The Commons area supports up to 30 users with open (check-in) access for high-end processing stations. Our Pod layout allows for collaborative projects for individual use and teaching spaces. Five pods each with six CPUs with dual monitor stations, offer high-end desktop machines with fast Intel processors, plenty of ram, and powerful nVidia graphics cards. Additionally, the Commons has a POD (POD 4 on MAP) with advanced workstation machines that offer high core count Intel CPUs, workstation nVidia graphics cards, and 64gb RAM.

All machines run a full suite of custom and standard software and applications, including the full GIS site licensed products from ESRI. The DMC offers two of the custom computing pods (PODS 4 and 5) with reservations available to faculty for special course needs, projects and research available here.

Computers in the Commons also have several visualization and graphics software packages available for use in addition to GIS and custom packages, and through our Center for Digital Heritage and Geospatial Information (CDHGI), you can connect for expert support for your 3D and GIS projects and research

GIS mentoring and project development assistance is available by appointment only. The CDHGI GIScience unit supports faculty research and grant collaborations, and offers student experience and learning opportunities, working with the DMC to provide resources, workshops, talks, events, and other opportunities for students and faculty interested in 3D and geospatial science applications.