Generative AI resources at the Libraries

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Artificial Intelligence by Placidplace. Pixabay.

The USF Libraries have been following recent developments in publicly available generative AI tools.  Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) system that generates text, images, and other media in response to user prompts. Interfaces like ChatGTP have brought advances in generative AI to the public in a way that is completely new.

Generative AI has a lot of potential to be used in both constructive and disruptive ways.  To help provide an understanding and starting point for exploration and research into generative AI, the USF Libraries have created a guide: AI Tools and Resources:  An Introduction to generative AI concepts and tools.

Want to learn more? Resources listed below will provide information and links that may help answer your questions:

Check in on the  for more information on generative AI in Fall 2023.

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