Protecting our patrons’ personal information is important to us. The USF Libraries adhere to the University of South Florida Internet Privacy Policy and the American Library Association’s Privacy Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights. Additionally, USF Libraries employs safeguards to protect information collected regarding the use of library services; personal information is not disclosed by the libraries to parties outside USF, without first obtaining permission from you, unless disclosure is required by law or court order. 


  • Surveillance cameras are placed at select access points. Surveillance camera footage is not archived and is not shared with parties outside USF by the Library or University Police unless required by law or court order. 


  • Personal information regarding your use of the library website is collected only when you voluntarily provide it directly to the USF Libraries, and then only for its intended purpose 
  • Domain and IP information are collected to facilitate improvements on web services and do not include personally identifiable information 
  • USF Libraries website uses Google Analytics (Google Analytics Security and Privacy Principles) 


  • Library services may employ systems that get updates on current students, staff, and faculty from other university departments, access to this information is restricted to library staff for service purposes only 
  • Records of checkouts and transactions are routinely purged 
  • Personal information is disclosed to contractors or associates only to carry out your requests 


USF Libraries has subscription agreements with a number of journal, book, and information database providers. The library does not control the information gathered by the providers when accessing their content:
  • Domain and IP information may be collected by electronic resource databases; handling of this information is governed by the terms and conditions of individual electronic resource databases
  • Electronic resource databases may collect private and identifying information from your personal user accounts with those databases; use of this information should be addressed in the privacy policies or terms and conditions of those individual electronic resource databases