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The SAGE Video Education Collection


USF Libraries just signed a contract for the SAGE Video Education Collection in August. These videos offer content about teaching and learning topics ranging from early childhood education to educational leadership, discussing how to apply theory to practice. Much of the material … Continue Reading

The Digital Instruction Divide During COVID-19


The Hechinger Report indicates that remote learning for children confirm that the quality and quantity of remote learning for children varied wildly depending on where those children happen to live during school closings in Spring of 2020. Image credit and report

Johns Hopkins Policy Tracker


Johns Hopkins University has created a state policy tracker that monitors the latest plans for reopening K-12 schools during the pandemic. image credit  

2020 Loving Cities Index


The Schott Foundation for Public Education published its 2020 “Loving Cities Index” that examines systematic racism related to education, health, and economic opportunity in America’s largest cities.

A Decade of Neglect


A recent report by the AFT, A Decade of Neglect, outlines the effects of austerity agendas and disinvestment in public schools that has sparked a wave of teacher walkouts and shortages around the country. See also the video highlighting the main points of the report.

Kanopy: Not Just Like Netflix, and Not Free


In February of 2019, the USF Libraries scaled back their support of Kanopy streaming video service due to insufficient funds. The service had been purchased through technology fees that had expired in 2019. The blog post about it is here. In a recent … Continue Reading

ATLE’s Summer Teaching Symposium on May 8-9


ATLE’s signature event returns for 2019! Our two day event Summer Teaching Symposium (STS) will take place on May 8-9, 2019. This year’s title is “Teaching: The Next Generation,” where we will investigate:

  • How do we reach today’s Gen Z student?
  • How can we improve teamwork in our courses?
  • How can we incorporate critical thinking and creative problem solving?
  • How can we enhance student communication skills?
  • How do we develop globally and culturally competent thinkers?

Our goal is to shape students’ success beyond the classroom and into the workplace of the future.

There’s always a “fun” theme too – this year will be Star Trek. Register now: