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Understanding Metrics that Measure Productivity


When looking at publication metrics that measure scholarly productivity, performance, quality and impact/influence, it is important to keep these things in mind: 1) There are varying levels of metrics: journal, article and author 2) No single metric is sufficient for measuring performance … Continue Reading

Impact: Library Tools for Promotion and Tenure


The USF Tampa Library’s Impact Guide will help scholars find all the tools for journal rankings, identifying an author’s cited references, and ways candidates for promotion and tenure can highlight the quality of their publications.

Think, Check, Attend


Just as there are predatory journals where scholars pay to get published while getting very little in the way of improving their publication record, there are conferences that are touted as scholarly but are actually misleading, exaggerated or fake in their reputability. This new site Think, Check, Attend offers thoughtful guidance on trusting a conference to attend and present your research. The checklist asks researchers if they are familiar with sponsors of the conference, its venue, reputation, etc.