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Library of Congress Launches Website on the Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is very much a part of the current political dialogue right now and the new Library of Congress website, Constitution Annotated, provides an authoritative source for how the Supreme Court has interpreted this governing document for our nation. With … Continue Reading

Celebrating the Public Domain: 19 in 2019

In June of 2018 the library posted a list of items just coming into the public domain that can be digitized by the USF Tampa Library. We asked our community to vote for what they most would like to see digitized. The list of newly digitized items from the project is available through this post in Digital Directions. We would like to continue this on an annual basis. Here is a list of possible titles for our 2020 digitization and we would like your help narrowing it down. Vote for your favorites here:


The Tapestry of American Public Education: How Can We Create a System of Schools Worth Choosing for All?

A recent report published by Peter W. Crookson Jr., Linda Darling-Hamond, Robert Rothman and Patrick Shields from the Learning Policy Institute discusses school choice — the movement to find alternatives to publicly funded and publicly operated school districts — is not an end in itself but rather a means to an end. In the words of the authors, it exists to “create a system in which all children choose and are chosen by a good school that serves them well and is easily accessible. “ It has been the subject of debate, particularly as seen by the post by Carol Burris and Diane Ravitch. They look at the issue of governance and why it matters who is in charge. This is a very interesting discussion for all those interested in policy that affects public schools and choice.

Changing the Citation Conversation

This piece by Alexandra Gold discusses ways to rethink how faculty talk to students about the issue of plagiarism. Also, keep in mind that the library can offer extra credit workshops on plagiarism for your courses, along with embedded modules we can place into Canvas.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Digital Scholarship Services has digitized a selection of material from USF Tampa Library’s Special Collections in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Included in our celebration are a couple of pieces of sheet music and five zarzuelas. For a detailed list of the material that has been digitized, see the post written by Copyright Librarian LeEtta Schmidt on the Digital Dialogues blog about it.


Online Students Don’t Have to Work Solo

This recent blog post by Mark Lieberman, from Inside Higher Education outlines the challenges with assigning group work in courses and the even greater challenges for online courses. The article gives some good tips and talks about best practices to make online … Continue Reading