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Featured E-book Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research

Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research, from Routledge by Todd Ruecker and Vanessa Svihla, discusses how education researchers navigate the qualitative research process, along with a myriad of decision points. This work offers students and other researchers insights on how to deal with research challenges.

A Decade of Neglect

A recent report by the AFT, A Decade of Neglect, outlines the effects of austerity agendas and disinvestment in public schools that has sparked a wave of teacher walkouts and shortages around the country. See also the video highlighting the main points of the report.

Kanopy: Not Just Like Netflix, and Not Free

In February of 2019, the USF Libraries scaled back their support of Kanopy streaming video service due to insufficient funds. The service had been purchased through technology fees that had expired in 2019. The blog post about it is here. In a recent … Continue Reading

ATLE Spring 2019 Book Club

ATLE Book Club: James Lang’s Small Teaching Thursdays from 11:30 am-1:00pm Meeting dates:  1/24, 2/7, 2/21, 3/21, 4/4 ATLE provides the books – you just read and come to the meetings to discuss implementation! Limited to ten faculty. Registration will be conducted … Continue Reading

Changing the Citation Conversation

This piece by Alexandra Gold discusses ways to rethink how faculty talk to students about the issue of plagiarism. Also, keep in mind that the library can offer extra credit workshops on plagiarism for your courses, along with embedded modules we can place into Canvas.