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Why Choose the Library Catalog over the Findit Search Tool?

Sometimes less is more when it comes to search tools. Why use the library catalog when you can access book records from the all-inclusive Findit Tool? One reason you might want to use the catalog has to do with the fact that you are more clicks away from getting useful information should you want to find a physical item such as a print book in the library. The catalog has more functionality than the Findit Tool if you want more local information like where to locate your item using floor maps of your library or if you want to construct an advanced search to look for either a specific location of materials in the library (like children’s books) or a specific format of material, like videos. This post features a video tutorial on how to conduct an advanced search in the library catalog to filter for specific material you may be looking for in the library.

Featured E-book Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research

Navigating Challenges in Qualitative Educational Research, from Routledge by Todd Ruecker and Vanessa Svihla, discusses how education researchers navigate the qualitative research process, along with a myriad of decision points. This work offers students and other researchers insights on how to deal with research challenges.

APA Style Central Name Change

APA Style Central, the product from the library that includes the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association full text, is now called Academic Writer. For instructions on how to access the Manual from Academic Writer, click here.

Citation: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Students often get confused about citing their sources and where to get help with APA, MLA and other citation formats. This video overview about citing sources might help. Please encourage students to talk to the writing center tutors or a librarian if they need assistance!

Investigating Suspicious Publishers

Recently I got a flattering letter from someone named “Florance” who represented the journal Educational Research Applications. She told me that if I contributed a manuscript by August 30th I’d get a discount on the publication fee which would amount to 1560$. Say what? That’s real sticker shock if we are talking about $1,560. Click farther into this post to see some of the strategies used for further investigation strategies for this journal.

Resources for Distance Learners

The library can support student success even at a distance for those enrolled in online courses. The video in this post, “Resources for Distance Learners” that outlines what the library can do for students. Your librarian can also embed instructional modules and tutorials for your students to help guide them through the use of the library and its e-resources. We also have an online guide for distance students.

Learning the Library

If you have new or transfer students attending your classes this summer, you can orient them to the library remotely in a number of ways. First, you can add your liaison librarian to your Canvas course where he or she can add … Continue Reading

The Ten Best Genealogy Websites for Beginners

This blog post offers information about the 10 best free and subscription sites that offer databases and information about ways people can discover family histories. Image credit

How Not to Spread Fake News

This op-ed from the New York Times by Michael J. Socolow, “How to Prevent Smart People from Spreading Dumb Ideas,” points out that “Too many Americans have no idea how to properly read a social media feed…regardless of educational attainment, economic class, … Continue Reading