Data Management Planning

Data Consultations

Consultations may cover topics such as:
  • File naming conventions and why and how to set up metadata at the beginning of your research project.
  • Specialized guidance on metadata structures for specific research projects.
  • How to get started writing a data management plan, with reference to the DMPTool as appropriate.
  • Recommendations on USF Libraries and external subject area repositories appropriate for your datasets.

Data Hosting @ USF Libraries

  • Digital Commons Repository: Work with our librarians, who will ingest single, finalized dataset files (< 1GB) into our open access repository Digital Commons @ University of South Florida. Metadata will be provided by researchers. Digital Commons is recommended for multimedia files.
  • NEW! Digital Commons Data: Researchers can upload and manage datasets of multiple files in various file formats including, but not limited to, spreadsheets, audio, image, or video files, for open access hosting on Digital Commons Data. DOIs will be automatically assigned. Digital Commons Data is recommended for quantitative and qualitative data, simulation data, compiled data, instrument-specific data, etc. Link to our Research Guide Research Guide to get started.
Please contact us with your questions about which data hosting option is best for your project. We can also support individual projects and discuss customized solutions or assistance in identifying alternative sources of support and hosting. Examples of support for more complex data projects include: processing or converting data into a final format; hosting data that must be access restricted (versus open access); and IT support for projects, including setting up servers.