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Open is Not Forever: A Study of Vanished Open Access Journals


Many reputable journals are costly and behind paywalls because, unlike some poor quality open access journals, one is paying for copy editing, indexing, and preservation. When you publish with a quality journal, you have a reasonable expectation that your article will be … Continue Reading

Celebrating the Public Domain: 19 in 2019


In June of 2018 the library posted a list of items just coming into the public domain that can be digitized by the USF Tampa Library. We asked our community to vote for what they most would like to see digitized. The list of newly digitized items from the project is available through this post in Digital Directions. We would like to continue this on an annual basis. Here is a list of possible titles for our 2020 digitization and we would like your help narrowing it down. Vote for your favorites here:


Cabell’s Blacklist is Here


There currently exists a black market economy of publishing scams, typically referred to as “predatory journals.” These are journals designed to look like genuine scholarly sources, but they publish whatever an author submits in return for payment of an article processing charge (APC). The purpose of a predatory journal blacklist is to identify and call attention to such scam operations so that unsuspecting authors are not fooled into publishing in these journals. Cabell’s has been a well regarded journal directory and now offers a blacklist which the USF Libraries has purchased. It is a welcome development for scholars. Criteria for inclusion on this list are clearly set out and publicly available. Blacklist ratings are given at the journal level with indicators about violations of Cabell’s criteria. This resource should help USF Scholars in avoiding predatory, questionable, or low-quality journals.