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Why Choose the Library Catalog over the Findit Search Tool?

Sometimes less is more when it comes to search tools. Why use the library catalog when you can access book records from the all-inclusive Findit Tool? One reason you might want to use the catalog has to do with the fact that you are more clicks away from getting useful information should you want to find a physical item such as a print book in the library. The catalog has more functionality than the Findit Tool if you want more local information like where to locate your item using floor maps of your library or if you want to construct an advanced search to look for either a specific location of materials in the library (like children’s books) or a specific format of material, like videos. This post features a video tutorial on how to conduct an advanced search in the library catalog to filter for specific material you may be looking for in the library.

A Decade of Neglect

A recent report by the AFT, A Decade of Neglect, outlines the effects of austerity agendas and disinvestment in public schools that has sparked a wave of teacher walkouts and shortages around the country. See also the video highlighting the main points of the report.

Kanopy: Not Just Like Netflix, and Not Free

In February of 2019, the USF Libraries scaled back their support of Kanopy streaming video service due to insufficient funds. The service had been purchased through technology fees that had expired in 2019. The blog post about it is here. In a recent … Continue Reading

Why Education Graduate Students Do Not Need to Buy the APA Publication Manual

If you have listed the APA Publication Manual on your syllabus, you might want to remove it as a required item because it is contained full text in the product Academic Writer through the USF Libraries. Below is a video about Academic Writer and how to access the full text of the Publication Manual.

Changes to Kanopy Streaming Video Service

Funds ($90k) allocated in 2018-19 to support unlimited Kanopy streaming video viewing have been expended. Alternative funds have been allocated to support new Kanopy streaming video content required by faculty for course use. Currently licensed videos will remain active through their annual expiration date. Please see our list of licensed video content at Streaming Video Collections and Databases or through the USF Libraries Catalog.

Citation: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Students often get confused about citing their sources and where to get help with APA, MLA and other citation formats. This video overview about citing sources might help. Please encourage students to talk to the writing center tutors or a librarian if they need assistance!

Resources for Distance Learners

The library can support student success even at a distance for those enrolled in online courses. The video in this post, “Resources for Distance Learners” that outlines what the library can do for students. Your librarian can also embed instructional modules and tutorials for your students to help guide them through the use of the library and its e-resources. We also have an online guide for distance students.

Getting Started with Copyright

In this USF Tampa Library’s video on copyright,  librarian LeEtta Schmidt lays out the major points of copyright, fair use, public domain, and more. To learn more about copyright and USF policy check out our guide: