Elsevier E-book Program Ending July 15th–What You Need to Know

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The USF Libraries has been offering an ebook service provided by Elsevier known as “Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA)”. With EBA, the titles of numerous scholarly books were automatically added to the USF Libraries Catalog so that faculty and students could easily discover and then access them, even though the USF Libraries had not yet purchased those specific titles. The USF Libraries created a deposit account from which those titles, when accessed, were then purchased.

This program is being eliminated. By June 30, the USF Libraries will use any remaining monies in the deposit account to purchase the most used or needed books, if we do not already own them. By July 15, the titles of any remaining unpurchased and unused books will be removed from the USF Libraries Catalog.

Another program, Demand Driven Acquisition, will be used as an alternative. If a title previously available on the Elsevier platform but not purchased demonstrates recent usage, and the title is available through the Ebook Central platform, then the records will remain in the USF Libraries Catalog.

If you are seeking an ebook title that you can no longer find in the USF Libraries Catalog, please let your liaison librarian know and we will endeavor to make it accessible for you.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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