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From the USF Textbook Affordability Project

College textbook prices are at an all-time high. More so than tuition and living expenses, textbooks have become less affordable—sometimes even influencing which subject areas students choose to study. In some cases, students have even dropped courses because they were unable to afford the required course

In an effort to bolster student success, the University of South Florida launched the Textbook Affordability Program (TAP) Project in 2010. The TAP Project promotes student success by employing a multi-pronged strategy to reduce textbook costs. Strategies include connecting students with information about affordable course materials, expanding access to open-access textbooks that are free for students to use and purchasing copies of high-demand print and digital textbooks for no-cost student use.  The funds raised for this project will be used to purchase e-books required in USF courses, and textbooks for the heavily used Textbook on Reserve Collection, all in support of USF students who cannot afford to purchase their course materials.

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