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Exploring the Past Virtually

The Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections create new ways to explore the world around us without leaving home

In this challenging time of limited access to the world around us, and with the increased need for remote learning, the Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections (DHHC) in the University of South Florida Libraries are creating new ways to explore without leaving … Continue Reading

Our Last Chance: Preserving Cape Canaveral

"We need to look back to look ahead...."

Watch the full documentary-short film about preserving our nation’s early space history.

Welcome Jaime Rogers!

Introducing our new Project Archaeologist

As our new project archaeologist in Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections, Jaime Rogers is helping his team collect 3D terrestrial and GPS data for many projects – but his main role is directing ongoing excavations at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). “CCAFS is a very exciting place to work as an archaeologist. The island has been occupied for thousands of years, and affords the opportunity to learn about unique aspects of human culture – from pre-Columbian shell mounds to historic fishing villages to launch complexes,” he shares. Meet Jaime!

Science Friday Celebrates the Apollo Mission’s 50th Anniversary

Dr. Lori Collins is featured on NPR's Science Friday discussing her team's work on digitally preserving NASA's Launch Complex 34

NPR’s Science Friday is highlighting imperiled space heritage and the research being done to save these significant sites. Following a successful live show in Tampa last November, Science Friday came back to Florida to visit with Dr. Lori Collins, Research Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections (DHHC) at the University of South Florida Libraries, to discuss her team’s work on digitally preserving NASA’s Launch Complex 34.

Welcome Denise Wright!

The USF Libraries are excited to introduce Denise Wright, our new GIS Analyst!

We are excited to introduce our new GIS Analyst, who is part of our DHHC team. Denise compiles data to help create our unique digital collections, and is currently creating a 360-photo tour of the Moseley Homestead in Brandon, Florida, a historic 1886 home. Denise is excited to “be somewhere innovative with cutting edge software, equipment, and minds open to new ideas,” and we’re excited to have her. Meet Denise!

Welcome Dr. Christine Downs!

We here at the USF Libraries are excited to introduce Dr. Christine Downs, our new Postdoctoral Scholar!

The USF Libraries’ Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections (DHHC) initiative does substantial research in the field. One of their largest research projects is in partnership with Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, where they are using the latest in 3D laser scanning and imaging to conserve and document Cape Canaveral’s invaluable space history. As the DHHC’s postdoctoral scholar, Dr. Christine Downs leads a series of geophysical surveys at historical cemeteries on Cape Canaveral.

Welcome Ben Mittler!

We here at the USF Libraries are excited to introduce Ben Mittler, our new GIS Project Manager!

The USF Libraries strive to be at the center of 21st century learning and research. Our Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections (DHHC) initiative is a driving force in our mission, using sophisticated spatial technologies to digitally document the world around us, and create opportunities to enhance teaching, research, and creativity. As our new GIS Project Manager, Ben Mittler will advance our mission.

Preserving Heritage & Providing Open Access: A New Partnership in Preservation Brings 3D Leaders Together

The USF Libraries’ Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections strengthens their leadership in 3D historical preservation worldwide through a new partnership program

The USF Libraries DHHC is partnering with two global leaders in 3D heritage documentation, CyArk and Historic Environment Scotland, to form the Open Heritage Alliance (OHA) and Open Heritage 3D, a repository of 3D digital heritage datasets. Their partnership is supported by Google Arts & Culture, who are transforming their projects into 3D interactive journeys, including the DHHC’s Apollo 1 Memorial at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.