Celebrating Nurses: Documenting Care and Compassion in Oral History Collections

Reading Time: 7 minutes For two centuries, nurses have been the picture of care, empathy, and compassion in healthcare. They see patients through vulnerable moments, difficult decisions, hardships, and moments of joy. Day in and day out, nurses uplift, support, and diligently care for their patients, providing a positive, compassionate presence to hospital rooms, doctor’s offices, care facilities, and treatment centers. In celebration of their tremendous efforts, Digital Dialogs is celebrating Nurses Week 2021 with a look at their personal experiences, as documented in two of USF Libraries’ oral history collections… (Continue Reading)

The Florida Public Health Oral History Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes Post written by Jane Duncan
Today, more than ever, public health officials contribute to the health and wellness of our communities through disease prevention programs, education, clean water initiatives, disaster relief, laboratory research, and more. It is important to document the knowledge of prominent experts so that we can continue to learn from them for years to come. That’s what makes projects like USF’s Florida Public Health Oral History Project so vital. As we contend with the spread of this global pandemic, we invite you to learn more about the vital field of public health… (Continue Reading)

Celebrating the Contributions of Nurses

Reading Time: 7 minutes Nursing has changed a lot in the last 200 years, but a few things have not changed: devotion to patient care, compassion, dedication, knowledge, hard work, and empathy… just to name a few. From patient wards and operating rooms to ambulances and battle fields, nurses have been the backbone of the healthcare system for over a century. As a daughter of a nurse, I must admit that I might be a little biased on the subject, but I am confident that everyone would agree that nurses have made a profound impact on the health and success of our society… (Continue Reading)