Endangered Species Day: Using the Archives to Advocate for Conservation

Reading Time: 5 minutes To help celebrate and raise awareness for Endangered Species Day, Digital Dialogs is highlighting a recent dusky seaside sparrow exhibit released by the former FLENH Coordinator, Erin Peel, who also shares some other endangered species resources from within the Florida Environment & Natural History (FLENH) Collection.

Annual Vote for Public Domain Digitization: 2025

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s that time of the year: Public Domain Digitization! We’ve pulled a list of titles from our collections that will fall into the public domain on January 1, 2025, and now we need your help selecting the 25 items that we will scan to celebrate Public Domain 2025. 

Sociedad La Union Marti-Maceo Collection Now in Digital Collections

Reading Time: 4 minutes By Stephanie Mackin, Visiting Assistant Librarian, Special Collections  Since its arrival in 1983, the Sociedad la Union Marti-Maceo collection has been a popular and heavily utilized collection at the University of South Florida Libraries’ Tampa Special Collections. The uniqueness and historical significance …Continue Reading

Celebrating the Public Domain through digitization

Reading Time: 3 minutes For six years now, the USF Libraries have celebrated this transition of copyrighted work by digitizing a selection of material from our collections. After a public vote, we added 23 titles across collections including three growing Digital Collection areas:  Florida Studies, Environmental and Natural History, and Sheet Music.

Illuminating the Archives through Art

Reading Time: 3 minutes Guest post from Erin Peel, Coordinator, Library Operations: FLENH, on connecting new archival collections from the Florida Ornithological Society with Art classes at USF.

Annual Vote to Digitize for the Public Domain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Help us choose the material that will be digitized for January 2024 as part of the Libraries’ annual celebration of the public domain! We have searched our physical collections to find the rarest titles whose copyright will expire in 2024, and now we need your help to figure out which 24 to digitize.  Please vote for your favorites below (choose up to 24)! 

Celebrating the Public Domain through digitization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Join the USF Libraries in our annual celebration of the public domain through digitization! The USF Libraries have selected material from the Libraries’ collections published in 1927 that are newly in the public domain to digitize in celebration. This is the fifth year we have celebrated through digitization!