New USF Libraries Digital Collection Documents Coral Reef Changes

Announcing the Dr. John Ogden Florida and Caribbean Reef Collection

Forty years of coral reef research is now available to USF students and scientists worldwide. Integrative Biology Professor Emeritus John Ogden, PhD, donated thousands of photos from his research on tropical coastal marine ecosystems along with their accompanying journal publications, maps, data and field diaries. It’s a living collection intended to provide a window to the past to help future oceanographic exploration.

We’re honored to host Dr. Ogden’s research here at USF Libraries. Read more on USF News.

Dr. Ogden in Nicaragua, 1977

“We are trying to convey what it’s like to do this kind of field work in the marine environment and what a particular place was like at the time,” said Ogden. “For example, coral reefs have changed greatly in the last three decades and science is trying to document change over time. These collections can provide a historical baseline.”

-Dr. John Ogden

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