Metadata/Cataloging Units

The Metadata/Cataloging unit is part of the Collections and Discovery Department of the University of South Florida Libraries. The unit is responsible for making library resources discoverable for our users, whether it’s books, journals, maps, audio recordings, video recordings, or unusual three-dimensional objects. The library catalog contains records for each title that describes what it is and where to find it. With the increasing availability of electronic materials and streaming media, the catalog has also become a gateway to accessing these items. Metadata is another form of cataloging, describing items that have been digitized or exist only in electronic format.  Cataloging standards may vary, but the goal of all cataloging and metadata is to help patrons find relevant material.

Services we provide

The Cataloging team maintains the library’s catalog, providing access for all library collections. This includes creating records which contain descriptions of library resources with key elements to assist with discovery and location of University of South Florida Libraries materials.

Special Collections Cataloging provides bibliographic control including resource description services for Special Collections. Through this joint venture, the library provides access to unique and, in some cases, rare materials which span topics ranging from Florida studies to young adult literature to University Archives. The ultimate goal of cataloging these materials is to provide a basis for research, teaching, and community services.

Metadata Quality Control is the team that strives to create a patron-friendly catalog that is easy to interpret and is consistent across catalog records and formats.  The team works across library departments to make sure that all parties working in the catalog are aware of the correct way to enter information.  This unit performs quality control functions in the catalog and organizes projects to remediate discrepancies in accordance with cataloging rules.  In addition to local projects, the team contributes to statewide projects in an effort to maintain proper cataloging standards across all Florida state academic libraries.

Ebooks management is an essential function of the Collections and Discovery department. A large volume of ebooks from different publishers and platforms are processed, stored, maintained, and updated in the library catalog on a daily basis by this metadata/cataloging team. Patrons of the university may easily access ebooks from our library catalog online anytime and anywhere.

Physical Processing and Preservation prepares and maintains library items. Physical processing involves receiving new items, stamping books as USF property and adding the call number label prior to being shelved. Preservation, the act of maintaining and protecting the physical collection, encompasses making minor repairs to books, and monitoring the collection for conditions that could cause damage. Additionally, the preservationist creates custom fit boxes for resources that need extra protection.

The Digital Collections Metadata team makes content in the University of South Florida digital collections accessible to its users worldwide. The team creates, maintains, and preserves metadata for digitized and born-digital collections housed in the University of South Florida Libraries Digital Collections. The group also provides metadata consultations with content creators who wish to partner with USF Libraries to design their metadata structure for data collecting and storage.

The EBooks for Classroom Plus team (EBplus), develops and maintains the web application and database that helps USF faculty members and students efficiently utilize electronic textbooks through the library, in coordination with the the University of South Florida Textbook Affordability Project (TAP). EBplus provides a user interface to allow faculty to search existing, owned ebooks as well as request new ebooks to use as course textbooks. EBplus includes a user interface for students to easily search for specific course textbooks. The EBplus project is part of the USF Libraries’ effort to support student success through reducing textbook costs to our students.

The Collection Development & Technical Services unit at Nelson Poynter Memorial Library at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus provides access to information resources which support the research and curricular needs of the students, faculty, and guests who use the University of South Florida’s libraries. The Collection Development & Technical Services manager works with staff and student assistants to help maintain the collection and make sure that the catalog reflects the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library’s current holdings.