Compact With Faculty

To meet strategic budget realignment targets, as well as to respond to a decade-long pattern of unsustainable cost increases, the USF Libraries are revisioning collection management strategies.

Our Compact with Faculty

The Libraries’ commitment to providing USF faculty and students with access to the content needed for research and instruction is unwavering. Although the process for accessing full-text library resources may change we are committed to providing content in a timely manner.

The USF Libraries will:
  • Support the University of South Florida’s faculty research and instruction endeavors through services and collections. We will minimize negative impacts as we make changes to our collections.
  • Promote the principles of academic freedom by providing a wide range of materials in different disciplines. We will strive to maintain collections equity across all disciplines.
  • Provide streamlined and expedited request/fulillment options for articles that may be less accessible as a result of revisioning collection management.
  • Promote open access resources and support institutional repositories, together with academic libraries across the country, both as a response to budget cuts and to the evolution of scholarly communications.
  • Provide transparent and up-to-date information to faculty regarding reorganization of our collections.
  • Provide a venue for faculty input regarding changes in our collections and will assess our work regularly in order to meet the commitments laid out in this compact.

Comprehensive Communication

Our promise to you is to maintain transparency. We will provide all pertinent information concerning the revisioning of our collection management strategies and processes on this website.

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