USF Libraries’ Tomaro Taylor Receives Academy of Certified Archivists’ Distinguished Service Award

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USF Libraries are excited to congratulate Tomaro Taylor, Director of USF Libraries Special Collections, on receiving the 2023 Academy of Certified Archivists’ (ACA) Distinguished Service Award.

tomaro Taylor USF library

The Distinguished Service Award acknowledges extraordinary services rendered to the Academy by its members. Award recipients are recognized for exemplary, outstanding, or extended and sustained service to the Academy, for outstanding leadership, or for significant accomplishment over a sustained period of time.

Tomaro, a member for the ACA since 2005, has served the organization in a variety of roles, including President (2020-2021) and Regent for Examination Development / Chair of the Exam Development Committee (2012-2016). A Certified Archivist for more than 15 years, Tomaro has also served the professional archives community as President of the Society of Florida Archivists (2012-2014) and lead co-manager of the Society of American Archivist’s Digital Archives Specialist Exam (2019-2022). Tomaro is currently the Society of American Archivists’ Vice President/President-Elect.

Tomaro is a 2002 graduate of the USF School of Information’s Master of Arts in Library and Information Science program. Tomaro joined the USF Libraries in 2003 as the inaugural Dr. Henrietta M. Smith Resident Librarian. After the residency, Tomaro became a full-time Special Collections librarian and is now Director of Special Collections. Tomaro was promoted to University Librarian in 2019.

Well-deserved congratulations, Tomaro!

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