USF Librarians Publish New Research on Scholarly Podcasting, Generative AI

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USF librarians Matt Torrence, Allison Symulevich, Jason Boczar, and Jessica Szempruch have co-authored an article recently published in the journal Innovative Higher Education. The article explores the potential of scholarly podcasts for public knowledge dissemination. In it, the authors identify “metrics for assessing scholarly podcast value, offer recommendations for institutional communication, and share insights and challenges.”

This is a must-read for anyone considering (or already producing) scholarly podcasts and wondering how to measure impact and value.

On another high-interest topic–generative AI–USF librarians Evan Fruehauf, Andrew Beman-Cavallaro, and LeEtta Schmidt’s article, “Developing a foundation for the informational needs of generative AI users through the means of established interdisciplinary relationships,” has been published in The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Their research explores the “many questions and concerns of University faculty in response to the public proliferation of generative artificial intelligence programs leveraging large language models to generate complex text responses to simple prompts.”

Pooling their skills, and existing relationships with faculty and professional staff across campus, the librarians were able to “provide information that answered common questions raised by faculty on generative artificial intelligence usage within research-related topics. By augmenting existing tutorials and instruction sessions, and creating a new information resource, the library was able to build a timely foundation to support future efforts to address the changing information needs of faculty and students using generative artificial intelligence programs and tools.”

Congratulations to all on the publishing of your valuable research!

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