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Prolific Midwife Made Her Mark in Tampa

Maria Messina Greco wrote six thousand names in her notepads, each one for a life she ushered into the world

The writing, most of it in pencil, has faded with the years. Each small page in the sixty-two palm-sized notebooks bears the name of a new life ushered into the world by a remarkable Sicilian midwife born in 1880. Like most of … Continue Reading

Celebrating Women’s History


Women’s History Month is an annual celebration in March dedicated to the contributions and achievements women have made to our society and culture, and the vital role they’ve played throughout history in the United States. This month-long commemoration began as a week … Continue Reading

Digital Dialogs: A Portrait of Blanche Armwood


In honor of Black History Month, Digital Dialogs would like to highlight the story of one local leader for her commitment to education and equality. Blanche Armwood became a prominent figure on the national stage, known for her dedication to education and social reform … Continue Reading

Meet Jordan Norris-Gaither, Student Scholar

Special Collections Latin American & Other Science Fiction Research Award Recipient

Back in November 2020, we celebrated our Fall student scholarship and research award recipients, and we have another wonderful student at the Tampa Library to spotlight this month. Jordan Norris-Gaither, Special Collections Latin American & Other Science Fiction Research Award Recipient Advertising and … Continue Reading

Celebrating Black Heritage

Resources, collections, & events to commemorate Black history & heritage

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, is a celebration of the contributions, achievements, and history of the Black community. It began as a week-long commemoration called Negro History Week, and was founded in 1926 by Dr. Carter G. … Continue Reading

How the Public Domain is Important For Art

Inspiration in the Public Domain

Pride and Prejudice, a classic novel by Jane Austen, was written in 1813. It was published under an ancestor to modern copyright law in Great Britain called the Statute of Anne, that would have granted protection for up to 28 years. Similar … Continue Reading

Newly Public Domain Items Get Digitized


At the beginning of each new year, works and materials enter the public domain due to the expiration of copyright. In 2019, the USF Libraries digitized 19 items from our collections to celebrate them entering the public domain. In 2020, we digitized … Continue Reading

Celebrating the Life and Work of Skip Gandy


The USF Libraries celebrate the life and work of George “Skip” Gandy IV, 1942-2020. A Florida native, Gandy’s childhood on Davis Islands shaped him into becoming an avid outdoorsman, environmental activist, and an honored donor to USF. In 2012, Gandy donated his … Continue Reading

Heroes Among Us

The USF community responds to COVID-19 with resilience, creativity and compassion

This excerpt is taken from the USF Magazine Winter 2020 issue, USF Heroes Among us: The USF community responds to COVID-19 with resilience, creativity and compassion. Additional photos have been added.  Library Services Desk They are likely the first people you meet … Continue Reading

Meet Our Fall 2020 Student Scholars

Honoring our scholarship and research award recipients

Celebrating our students and their academic achievements is one of our favorite pastimes, and under normal circumstances, we’d be gathering in the Tampa Library to honor our most recent round of student scholarship and research award recipients, and the donors who made … Continue Reading