Library Guidelines

USF Tampa Library Guidelines are currently being reviewed. Newest guidelines are listed below. The current guidelines will be replaced with new or revised guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the Policy Coordinator,

Guidelines for Employees

ID Number Guideline
LIB 002E Emeritus Faculty (Librarians)
LIB 001E Employee 24/7 Access
LIB-003E Employee Code of Ethics
LIB-004E Employment Reference Checks
LIB-005E Workplace Visitor Guidelines

Guidelines for Patrons

ID Number Guideline
LIB-015P Computer and Digital Equipment Use
LIB-009P Copyright
LIB-011P Exhibits, Displays, Events & Distribution of Materials
LIB-010P Food & Drink in the Library
LIB-012P Lost and Found
LIB-006P Media Relations within the Library
LIB-014P Noise Control
LIB-007P Patron Code of Conduct P001
LIB-013P Service Animals in the Library
LIB-008P Unaccompanied Minors