Strategic Directions

To support the strategic goals of the University of South Florida, the consolidated USF Libraries will achieve a level of excellence supporting our aspiration to become a member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

  1. Develop Distinctive Collections: Develop and promote distinctive and deeply curated research collections of demonstrated value to institutional and global research communities
    • 1.1 Advance consideration of a USF Libraries center for digital heritage and spatial collections
    • 1.2 Design and implement a long-term technology strategy to support digital collections of distinction
  2. Enhance Service Models: Establish a service profile employing emerging methodologies and digital tools to deliver a) innovative, high-impact support for discipline-based and multidisciplinary research among faculty and graduate students and b) efficient, high-impact support for undergraduate student success
    • 2.1 Recruit two librarians, one to lead a Research Platform Team (RPT) serving the Muma College of Business and one to lead an RPT to support digital humanities research
    • 2.2 Launch the proposed undergraduate success service model in collaboration with Student Success
  3. Increase Research Contributions: Increase the volume and impact of research contributions to the profession
    • 3.1 Support faculty librarians and other professionals to submit one peer-reviewed article or equivalent publication per year

Strategic Goals Archive

  • 2013-2018

    Mission and Strategic Goals for 2013 – 2018

    The USF Libraries strengthen and enhance the teaching, learning, research and service missions of the University by delivering exceptional and innovative services; employing robust information resource management and delivery strategies; and establishing rich partnerships to drive creation and dissemination of new scholarship for our knowledge-driven global environment.

    Strategic Goal 1:

    Expand information management services for scholarly communication and inter-disciplinary research, teaching and learning.

    Strategic Goal 2:

    Acquire and preserve collections of national distinction in targeted inter-disciplinary fields, reflecting institutional strategic directions.

    Strategic Goal 3:

    Sustain and expand a library instruction program in collaboration with faculty which is continuously assessed for its effectiveness and impact on student academic success.

    Strategic Goal 4:

    Continuously improve library operations, facilities, services, programs, and collections to better meet the research, teaching and learning needs of faculty, staff, and students.