DSS Roadshow

Are you interested in learning more about scholarly communication and copyright services?

The USF Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services is going on the road to bring our expertise to you. We have developed two presentation/workshop tracks focusing on faculty interests and concerns (2015 Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey), and we are eager to work with you to further develop our programs and address your needs for scholarly communication and copyright support. We want to hear from you! To book a session (descriptions below) or to offer your feedback, email digitalcommons@usf.edu

Research and Scholarly Communications Track

This session on Research and Scholarly Communication will focus on recent and emerging trends in research dissemination. We’ll go over the scholarly communication life-cycle and discuss ways you can preserve and publish your research. Topics will include:

  • Open access at USF
  • Author rights
  • Creative Commons licenses
  • Data management

Copyright in Instruction Track

This session will give a quick overview of copyright basics before taking a closer look at how USF copyright policy, U.S. copyright law, and its exemptions affect the classroom. Finally, we’ll take a look at resources and options that will help you:

  • Find and use material without infringing,
  • Answer questions about copyright,
  • Help you make fair use and TEACH Act determinations, and
  • Give you avenues to making and using open educational resources in your classroom.

Additional Resources

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Author Rights in Scholarly Publishing and Open Access
Copyright Basics for Online Classes
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