The Center for Integrated Modeling & Analysis of the Gulf Ecosystem (C-IMAGE) is a consortium of 19 research institutions from six countries committed to studying the long-term impact of the DWH and IXTOC-1 oil spills on the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. The USF Tampa Library’s Data Management Team handles data management for the consortium.

The C-IMAGE Consortium is a comprehensive research team from 19 national and international universities to address Themes 2 and 3 of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI). These themes cannot be studied in isolation, as the physical, chemical and biological processes determine the potential for effects on elements of the ecosystem. We study their space/time/trophic level connections using a hierarchy of calibrated models, supported by observations, sampling and high-pressure experimental studies where necessary, with a focus on the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

This research is made possible by a grant from BP/The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, Contract #SA 12-10/GoMRI-007.

Data Management Team’s Mission

  • Maximize accessibility of data and derived products.
  • Minimize the time researchers need to spend on DM and compliance issues.
  • Promote a culture of data sharing, curation, and preservation

For C-IMAGE Researchers

We will take care of the data submission to GRIIDC and the creation of the metadata for you.
  • When you are ready to submit data, contact Carla Fotherby ( or Jason Boczar( to arrange the data transfer.
  • To create the metadata to accompany the submission, we will need some information from you. We will deliver a template for you to work with when the time is appropriate
  • We will confirm that the submission is complete and supply you with a GRIIDC link and/or DOI.


Gulf of Mexico Initiative Information & Data Cooperative (GRIIDC)

  • GRIIDC are our partners in managing the data generated by GoMRI funded research. They are working to promote a culture of data sharing and to facilitate efficient scientific research long-term.

Deepwater Horizon: A Preliminary Bibliography of Published Research & Expert Commentary

  • “This bibliography attempts to list all of the published research and expert commentary that has resulted from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It includes peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, technical reports released by scientific agencies and research institutions, and editorials published in peer-reviewed journals.”