Data Management Planning

The University of South Florida Libraries is able to provide limited data management support to researchers. Below are some scenarios ranging in dataset complexity and availability of library support. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Boczar.

Tier 1 Datasets

Large research projects with datasets ranging from hundreds of GBs to multiple TBs are not currently supported by the USF Libraries. It is recommended that the researcher contact university IT to discuss storage possibilities. The library can assist with the creation of a data management plan.

Tier 2 Datasets

For research projects of a smaller size, the library can assist with data management storage. Tier 2 data are mid-size data sets that do not require interaction with the files.
In order to receive assistance from the library, these projects must:

  • obtain the approval of the Digital Scholarship Services;
  • the library needs to be written in for 2% of the overall grant funding;
  • the library will deposit the data into an appropriate discipline-based repository selected by the researchers.

Tier 3 Datasets

These are smaller datasets that include items like spreadsheets. If they are open access the library will archive and preserve the data in the appropriate library repository.

For both tier 2 and 3 datasets, the Library will:

  • Assist with writing a data management plan;
  • Work with researchers to get appropriate metadata set up for the data;
  • Do validation checks of the data. The library does not, however, do quality assurance or reformatting of the data.