Innovative Research Collections

The Center For Digital Heritage And Geospatial Information:

In 2016 the USF Libraries launched an initiative to create a series of high-value and distinctive research collections featuring the work of the Center for Digital Heritage & Geospatial Information (CDHGI). This team employs 2D, 3D, geospatial, and imaging technologies to document heritage sites, landscapes, and objects to promote sustainable heritage strategies and enhance global access to the resulting collections.


Florida Environment and Natural History Collections Initiative:

Florida has a rich and diverse natural history. For the past decade, Special Collections has made a concerted effort to develop collections documenting Florida’s environmental history and conservation efforts in Florida. The links below provide windows into these collections of these cross-disciplinary research materials.


African American Experience in Florida

On June 4, 2020, Dean Chavez announced the launch of a collection initiative that leverages USF Libraries’ resources and expertise to promote diversity and inclusivity in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Through this initiative, the consolidated USF Libraries established a collection portal that provides open access to materials – regardless of format, subject matter or discipline – that advance the conversation around the African American Experience in Florida.

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USF Herbarium

The USF Libraries and the College of Arts & Sciences have agreed to transfer possession of responsibility for the management and development of the USF Herbarium from CAS to the Libraries. Physical move is expected to be complete in March, 2024. For current information on the Herbarium please visit:

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