‘We Wanted Some Basic Human Rights: The Civil Rights Struggle in Tampa’ exhibit

Reading Time: 3 minutes The USF Libraries host several exhibits that highlight a variety of collections, providing context to material that is often only publicly accessed via a finding aid. The exhibits come from many different sources. Some come from grant funded research, some from library personnel or library partnerships, and some from student work under the guidance of USF faculty. The exhibit: ‘We Wanted Some Basic Human Rights: The Civil Rights Struggle in Tampa’ was created during a Spring seminar on the Civil Rights Movement taught by Dr. K. Stephen Prince of the USF History Department in 2016. Students of the seminar worked with Special Collections personnel and consulted fifteen archival collections housed in USF Tampa Special Collections.

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Snapshots of the Florida Citrus Industry

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since the mid-1800s, Florida groves have been peppered with oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. While not native plants, their fruit have become irrevocably linked with the Florida landscape. From postcards and packaging to advertisements and film, the image of Florida is one that combines beauty, sand, and citrus. For over 150 years, farmers have invested in citrus crops, laborers have relied on the fruit’s growth for work, and canneries have preserved these pieces of edible sunshine… (Continue Reading)

USF Curiosities: Bottle Cap U? Sandspur U?

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the name “University of South Florida,” most people except USF to be located in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Instead, USF is located in the middle of the state in Tampa, a city that is not near southern Florida at all! So, how did the University of South Florida get its name? When Florida Governor LeRoy Collins signed a law in 1955… (Continue Reading)

Celebrating Black History Month with the USF Photograph Collection

Reading Time: 5 minutes The USF Photograph Collection pictorially documents the history and legacy of the University of South Florida, including the impact of two pioneering individuals. In celebration of Black History Month, Digital Dialogs would like to recognize Dr. Ernest Boger, II and Dr. Juel Smith for their many accomplishments and contributions to our USF community… (Continue Reading)