Fulfillment & Status Updates

There are two main ways items are gathered by reserve staff to fulfill a request: A. Library staff pull the item(s) from the general collection.
  1. If library owned items are currently checked out, the reserves staff will recall the items back from patrons.
  2. If the library does NOT own the item:
    1. ELECTRONIC REQUEST (Articles, Book Chapters): We will acquire the materials from Inter-Library Loan and make the PDF available on Canvas.
    2. HARD COPY (DVD, BOOKS): Acquisitions will consider purchasing a new copy to be available to students.
or B. Instructors supply the reserves department with the item temporarily by any of the following:
  1. Uploading a file.
  2. Bringing a personal copy to the library (books, DVD’s, packets).
  3. Linking the request to a website.
Once the request is received and the fulfillment method is established, it will go into the respective status on the table below:
StatusExplanation of Status
Awaiting Reserves ProcessingRequest has been received by USF Course Reserves.
Awaiting Information from FacultyThe information provided was not enough to find the desired item. Instructor will be contacted for more information.
Awaiting Recall ProcessingThe item in the request is currently checked out. We will retrieve item and then fulfill the request.
Awaiting Acquisitions FulfillmentUSF Library is considering purchasing new copy of item.
Awaiting Supply by InstructorThe Instructor will be bringing the item to the library.
Item Available at Reserve DeskItems has been fully processed and can be used by students in the library.
Item Available on Electronic ReserveItems has been fully processed and can be used by students on Canvas.
This status can be seen by students and faculty on the “USF Library Course Reserves” home page after a request is made.