Email: USF Libraries Survey: E-Journal Prioritization (STEM)

Message was sent from Todd Chavez, Dean of USF Libraries, to the STEM department chairs and school directors.

Dear Department Chair/School Director,

You are receiving the survey concerning STEM titles that were not renewed as part of the Strategic Budget Realignment process. Please distribute this link to the faculty in your department/school.

We have artificially subdivided the title list into smaller lists by college and department (e.g. CAS: Chemistry, CAS: Geosciences, etc.) to make the process more manageable. However, we recognize that the interdisciplinary nature of research may mean that faculty in one department would have strong opinions about titles listed in another. Faculty are invited to register their preferences for titles in their specific discipline or for all of the titles listed in this survey. We have provided a “No Opinion” response option where there is truly no intersection with a respondent’s research needs.

Links to data and other helpful information concerning this survey are available here and in the introduction to the survey. Details regarding the USF Libraries’ Revisioning Collection Management process are available as well.

The survey is now open for responses. It will close on April 28 at 5:00PM to allow time to review and analyze results before faculty leave for the summer. Results (including raw data) will be placed on the Faculty Survey Data website once we have completed our work.


Please note that Dean Chavez also sent the above information to all USF Libraries’ faculty.

picture_as_pdf Email sent from Dean Chavez to STEM department chairs and school directors, 4/16/2021

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