Email: Strategic Budget Discussion

Message sent from Todd Chavez, Dean of USF Libraries, the USF Libraries’ faculty and staff.

To effectively manage this unprecedented budget realignment, it will be essential that everyone has accurate and consistent information that can be shared with members of the University community. To that end, we have prepared tools to help you:

  • an email (attached) that can be shared with colleagues as needed;
  • a slide deck (attached) that can be used for presentations to faculty;
  • a brief handout (attached) that provides an overview of the issues; and
  • a comprehensive website (see link below) containing a wealth of information concerning the realignment and its impact on our collections.

Our goal is to be transparent, accurate, and consistent in all communications to all parties. Although we anticipate that librarians will use this communications packet more frequently in the course of their assigned duties, we have elected to send this email to all employees of the USF Libraries to keep everyone equally informed and capable of sharing accurate information if asked.

In the coming weeks, our Collection Advisory Group (Jason Boczar, Emily Mann, Audrey Powers, and LeEtta Schmidt) will produce a “USF Libraries Compact with the Faculty” –a document that clearly enumerates our unwavering commitment to USF faculty to serve their information resource needs by all means available to us. Once that document is available, it will be distributed to everyone and posted on our “Revisioning Collection Management” website at:

Email from Dean Todd Chavez to Library Faculty & Staff, 11/3/2020

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