Email: Open access Unpaywall materials now listed in USF’s FindIt! interface

Message was sent by Carol Ann Davis, Associate Dean, Collections & Discovery, USF Libraries, to USF department chairs.

Please share the following information with the faculty in your areas.

The USF Libraries are pleased to announce the deployment of the Unpaywall ( application. Unpaywall is an open database of over 28 million scholarly articles available to you by selecting the “Full Text Open Access” link that will appear in qualifying records in the Libraries’ FindIt! search tool results. This service is part of our commitment to provide you with access to the content you need for research and instruction (see for more information).

More information on the open access movement and OA initiatives at USF is available here:


For over a decade, the open access (OA) movement has been gaining steam with the proliferation of OA article repositories, OA journals, and grantor requirements to make published research openly available. As a result, millions of items are now freely available, but are often housed and searchable in various venues. Several services have started collating this material into central interfaces to make them more discoverable. One of these is Unpaywall, which harvests open access content from over 50,000 publishers and repositories to provide centralized access to over 28 million free scholarly articles.

Below is an example of how material will display:

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