Assessment Checklist

An overview of assessment practices and policies at the USF Libraries.

Library Assessment Timeline

Remember: Assessment is a process of continual refinement.

Each department/unit in the library should

  • Select 1-2 outcomes each year
  • Collect all existing data measures relevant to that outcome.
  • Analyze the individual data measures to find if they met their targets.
  • Pool the assessment findings relevant to the outcome.
  • Interpret, analyze, and discuss the assessment findings.
  • Create an action plan specifying the actions to be used to address the outcome. Multiple actions per outcome are possible.

Library Assessment Checklist

  • Establish outcomes
  • For each outcome, establish narrow performance criteria that are measurable statements
  • Designate how often each outcome will be analyzed
  • Establish assessments
  • Establish measurement methods and collect data
  • Designate the party responsible for measurement methods or data collection
  • Determine an acceptable level of “success” for the data
  • Data collection and measurement methods should be part of regular duties
  • Conduct evaluations
  • Set aside time to compile and analyze the data
  • Designate the parties responsible for analyzing the data
  • Engage in discussion
  • Interpret the data
  • Decide who will discuss – a committee or the entire faculty
  • Make decisions
  • Make decisions regarding the success of the Outcome
  • Make modifications to library curriculum or library services, if necessary
  • Revise Outcomes or assessment plan, if necessary
  • Make no change if that is appropriate
  • Do it again!