Digital Media Commons Tutorials

This extensive collection of resources is available to you from the best teachers online. Some material requires a Lynda login, which you can access for free through USF here.

Adobe Creative Cloud Collection multimedia design software helps you create visually rich, engaging content for virtually any media.


A breakdown of all things camera related, from lessons for beginner’s to advanced shooting tutorials, to styled shoots!


Dip your feet into the expansive world of videography, with these tutorials picked that range from an introductory understanding of film, to editing and publishing your work on the web!

  • Understanding Videography This tutorial will help you understand the different camera and lens options available for digital videoas well as learn about the difference between cropped and full-sized sensors, prime vs. zoom lenses, and shooting with a variety of camera bodies.
  • What is Aperture? Gain an understanding of the versatility aperture allows
  • What is Shutter Angle? Understanding the purpose of shutter speed while shooting video.
  • What is ISO? A brief explanation of ISO in videography.
  • Understanding Frames per Second A quick video breaking down the purpose of changing your FPS and what it does!
  • Understanding Sensor Quality and Resolution An introduction to the essential concepts and techniques necessary for shooting video with a DSLR camera.

Web Design

Some select tutorials on fundementals of Web Design ranging from understanding basic UI design, to creating your own website from scratch.