Linked-In Learning

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“mobile learning” by clemens.loecker is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Have a new class or assignment that requires a software you have never used before?  Do you want to improve your skills in research, communication, and design?  Linked-in Learning is an excellent place to augment the skills you have begun to develop in your courses or career.

Students and staff who access Linked-in Learning can build collections or playlists of tutorials and courses of interest.  Linked-in Learning will keep track of your progress in courses, and build suggestion lists based on skills in which you declare interest.  Users can set weekly goals and track progress over time.  Get started with some of these great courses:

  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Teams: get a full orientation into using Microsoft Teams.
  2. Ninja Writing: Shani Raja, a former editor for the Wall Street Journal, shares way to organize your writing and construct sentences and paragraphs so that your writing will stand out among your peers.
  3. Well Being and Adaptability During Times of Change: gain skills to increase your well-being and improve your adaptability to unforeseen circumstances.

Linked-in Learning offers several ways to discover content as well.  Users can search by keyword or browse tutorials and courses based on type, like business, technology, and creative courses, or on subject, software, or learning path.  There is also an area to explore courses curated recommended by USF.

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