The Calling: Earth Podcast Highlights Research in the USF School of Geosciences

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Guest post from Drew Smith, Associate Librarian specializing in genealogical research, engineering, information sciences, and technology.

The USF Libraries has begun production of a regular podcast showcasing research being done by faculty and doctoral candidates in the USF School of Geosciences. Hosted by Associate Librarian Drew Smith and assisted by research platform team member Meghan Cook, episodes of Calling: Earth are released every two weeks and previously published episodes can be found at Geosciences faculty and doctoral students already featured include volcanologist Lis Gallant, palaeobiologist Jen Bright, and geochemist Jeff Ryan. Gallant discusses her work with predicting lava flows in the eastern Snake River Plain near the Idaho National Laboratory nuclear facility, Bright talks about how examining the physical structure of bird beaks can lead to predictions about bird diets, and Ryan recounts his experiences on a ship in the western Pacific drilling into the Earth’s crust. Episodes of the podcast have already been downloaded more than 100 times, in 13 U.S. states and 6 foreign countries.

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