What Will Be Your Legacy

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Welcome to new students and welcome back to returning students. Every month comes with designated remembrances and celebration. “What will be Your Legacy” is celebrated this month. How are you going to celebrate it? Every Bull leaves hoof prints and a legacy at USF.

USF Libraries Digital Collections safeguards the memories, stories, trials, and triumphs of faculty, students, staff, and alumni at USF Oral History Projects.  The road hasn’t always been easy, but it has been traveled with purpose and often times with fun. Listening (or reading) will give you some insight and interesting facts. Did you know that Busch Gardens once donated an elephant carcass to USF’s biology department or that the St. Petersburg campus once had a resident dolphin? Visit the oral histories to discover which USF roof top became the laboratory for that dissection (the elephant, not the dolphin).

The USF Photograph collection and the USF Yearbooks collection provide pictorial histories of what USF once looked like, what issues once brought students together, and what organizations supported students’ growth. You will be entertained and enriched as you learn about Bulls who were part of our growing and transforming into a Preeminent State Research University. Don’t leave out yourself in the growing and transforming of USF though. You will leave a legacy too.

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