Archive Awareness Week

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Happy Birthday City of Tampa. For people who like cake, July 15th was another day to indulge without guilt. It’s also a time to remember Tampa’s history and take part in Archive Awareness Week. During the week of July 15 – 21, local archivists and history enthusiasts will be presenting exhibits throughout Tampa showcasing the development and unique heritage of Tampa. If you have a chance, travel to one of these exhibits. For more information, visit


Identifying, preserving, and conserving historical documents allows researchers (and the public) to accurately view past events and make accurate connections between events. The University of South Florida Library’s Digital Collections archives photographs, historical manuscripts, oral histories, newspapers and more, giving you direct access on your time and at your place. Join us in celebrating Archive Awareness Week and the City of Tampa’s birthday with a visit to some of our collections.


The Photographs and Visual Materials (THC) collection contains a number of archival, manuscript and photographic collections, including Tampa photographs by the Burgert Brothers and art from the Tampa cigar industry.


The Historic Ybor City Walking Tour is a collection of 14 video segments featuring Dr. Gary Mormino, USF Department of History professor. This collection “walks” you through Ybor City while explaining the historical significance of each stop. Each segment is approximately 1 minute long; watch them with a cup of café con leche in hand.


The Periodicals and Newspapers (THC) collections maintains manuscripts and newspapers from Tampa’s past. Within this collection is the Tampa Bay History journal, which features manuscripts, galleys, and proofs for articles written for the journal.

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