Notice: Project Muse Evidence-Based Acquisition Program

The USF Libraries’ Project Muse Evidence-Based Acquisition program for ebooks, which has provided faculty and students the discovery and access to significant scholarly books, is coming to an end on August 31st. The Library is in the process of purchasing unowned titles with the most substantial usage or need with the amount remaining in the deposit account. We will hold in reserve a small amount as a contingency to be expended by mid-September in case there are valued titles that we missed in our process. If you have any requests for Project Muse titles please let us know as soon as possible. C&D will determine if we own them already. Project Muse records for titles that we are not purchasing and have not been used will be removed from the catalog by August 31. Titles with recent usage that are not selected for purchase on the Project Muse platform will be made available via the Demand Driven Acquisition program on the Ebook Central platform, with associated records loaded into the catalog. If you, or any patron, are seeking an ebook title that you can no longer find in the catalog, please let us know, and we will endeavor to make it accessible for you.

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