Email: Streaming Media Reminder to Faculty

Message sent on behalf of Carol Ann Davis, Associate Dean, to USF Libraries staff, Associate Deans group, USF department heads, and faculty identified as using streaming media.

This is a reminder email to faculty using streaming media in their courses for the spring 2022 semester and beyond. The USF Libraries will discontinue leasing titles on the Kanopy and Swank streaming platforms at the end of December 2021. Titles that are active at that time will continue until they expire; most titles are leased for 12 months at a time.

We continue to explore alternate options for providing streaming media in a sustainable way with predictable costs. This includes a subscription to AVON: Academic Video Online through ProQuest and Alexander Street Press. This will add around 70,000 streaming media titles to our collection as part of a database subscription, with the ability to add perpetual content each year that we subscribe (see attached brochure). This resource is still in process, so stay tuned for more information!

The USF Libraries continue to subscribe to database platforms that include streaming media; these titles are not included in the separate list of titles, so please take these resources into account when preparing your courses. These titles are also listed in the USF Libraries catalog. For other platforms with individual titles, we have a list of titles with expiration dates available and regularly updated. Content that is perpetually available will continue, and the USF Libraries is purchasing selected Kanopy content to keep some of the content available to the USF community in perpetuity. Unfortunately, not all titles are available for purchase.

Please also consult our curated a selection of freely accessible video and other media content on the Digital Learning Objects & Media Tools to Supplement Instruction guide.

Through December 2021, please continue to submit all streaming video requests through the Course Reserves function in Canvas. Instructions are available at If you encounter any issues in submitting through Canvas, please email The maximum number of videos per course will continue to be limited to five (5) units.

Visit our USF Libraries Media Guide:

  • To search for movies and documentaries in the USF Libraries’ extensive DVD movie collection and online databases
  • To search by title to determine if the USF Libraries has perpetual ownership or expiring access to currently available streaming movies
  • To identify open access media alternatives
  • To consult our Frequently Asked Questions information

If you would like additional help finding alternate material, please contact your Liaison Librarian.

Best wishes,

Carol Ann

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