Repository Information

The USF Libraries Tampa campus digital collections repository formerly hosted at (by a custom version of the open-source SobekCM software) has been migrated to (Digital Commons software).

Note: The migration is not 100% complete, some collections and/or individual items may not be migrated yet.

Email any questions you might have to

You can also try an advanced search on the new site to find what you are looking for.

The persistent URLs (PURLs) previously support at will continue to be supported. A redirection server is now running at and it will forward, as appropriate, your request on to its new location @

Unsupported URLs
  • /stats/usage/* – No collection/item usage statistical information is available any longer.
  • /rss/* – all system forms of the rss url, including /rss/[collection codes], /rss/[collection code]_rss.xml,  and /rss/[collection code]_short_rss.xml.
  • /info/* – The custom SobekCM help pages were under this directory.
  • /engine/* – Any SobekCM API URLs, including the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OHI-PMH) server, is no longer available.
  • /design/* – All SobekCM design/skin files are no longer available.
Supported URLs

The redirection server log files are continuously being reviewed and additional redirection support will likely added as time pases.