USF Libraries 3D Biological Specimens

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The School of Geosciences Research Platform Team (RPT) and Digital Heritage and Humanities Collection (DHHC) at the USF Libraries worked with paleo-biologist professors Jen Bright and Greg Herbert to create 3D models of six biological specimens for use in an out-of-classroom setting. The specimens were annotated by Dr. Bright and Dr. Herbert to ensure scientifically sound information as well as to highlight features required by their students to know and understand for course assessments. Students in this semester’s Stratigraphy and Paleontology course will access the specimens via Canvas link and report back on their usefulness via Qualtrics survey.

Six specimens were digitized including Brachiopod Fossil, Snail Tooth, Recent Spider Conch, Recent Florida Prickly Cockle Shell, Recent Stiff Pen Shell, and Irregular Echinoid Fossil (Heart Urchin).  Three specimens from a prior DHHC project were added to the collection for a total of nine 3D models that can be accessed here:

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