Global Research Toolkit


The mission of the USF Global Research Operations Network (GROW) is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and knowledge pertaining to international activities. However, “international” need not be your primary job function for you to contribute and find value in the workgroup. International research engagement can be a complex endeavor and many units have a unique role to play. 

Our collective goals are:

  • To recognize the units and people across our system who are “points of contact” for the various components of international research projects and to strategize about tools and resources that would help us discharge our unique responsibilities more effectively.
  • To establish subgroups with specialized knowledge or information needs who are willing to contribute to the development of tools, templates, and/or guidance that can be used to improve our capacity for managing international research projects.
  • Customization of an online Global Research Toolkit for use by the USF community.

International research collaboration can be complex and often challenges traditional research administration operating systems.  Creating an environment for a successful international research enterprise requires a robust network of stakeholders committed to advancing the capacity and competency of those who support and manage these projects.  Your expertise, ideas, and contributions are vital to the success of the USF Global Research Operations Workgroup (GROW).