Interlibrary Lending of Special Collections Materials

The USF project for interlibrary lending Special Collections materials is done in accordance with the ACRL/RBMS Guidelines for Interlibrary and Exhibition Loan of Special Collections Materials “to enhance access, support research, and promote awareness” of USF’s unique collections.

Each interlibrary loan request for special collections’ material is initially evaluated for on demand digitization. The requested item(s) are delivered to USF Tampa Library’s Digital Services department for reformatting and addition to the library’s permanent digital collection. Permanent addition to the digital collection will seize of the opportunity to make requested items publically discoverable and will lessen the stress on items that may be re-requested.

Borrowing libraries are asked to:

  1. verify their researcher need for direct access to special collections materials,
  2. restrict material use to supervised reading rooms,
  3. adhere to treatment and packaging instructions that come with the loan,
  4. note the condition of the item before return, and
  5. use FedEx, UPS, or other trackable courier for all returns.

In return, USF Special collections will make every effort to fill interlibrary loan requests for materials from libraries within the contiguous United States with the exception of oversized items, mass market items for which there are many circulating copies, items on loan to but not owned by USF, and fragile items that would not survive the loan.

Should a requesting library not adhere to the loan restrictions, the following penalties may apply:

  1. A $20 non-refundable processing fee for overdue materials.
  2. A lost materials replacement charge, equal to fair market value of the loaned material.
  3. Being blocked from requesting special collections materials.

In the event that a library has been blocked from requesting special collections loans, the library may petition the USF Special Collections department in writing to reinstate loan privileges.