Copyright Information for Instructors

  1. Use the work in accordance with an existing license, e.g. library material negotiated for use in classrooms or materials with Creative Commons licenses
  2. Link to material or direct your students to the materials original location
  3. Request permissions from the copyright owner

Click the buttons below to be directed to specific information on the Copyright LibGuide, or ask your Copyright and Intellectual Property Librarian.

For Face to Face Classrooms

Showing a film, playing music, or performing a play.
Showing © Materials
Make and share copies of copyrighted works.
Making and Sharing ©

For Online Classrooms

Tip sheet: copyright basics for online classes.
Online © Basics
Film and music in online classes.
Film and Music Online

For Your Students:

  1. Tip Sheet: Copyright Basics for Students
  2. Getting Started with Copyright: 7 minute tutorial
  3. What is Copyright? 3 minute tutorial
  4. Using Copyrighted Materials 3 minute tutorial